September 29, 2021
FEMA - National Flood Insurance

How Do You Feel About the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently put out a request for public comments on the National Flood Insurance Program’s (NFIP) Community Rating System. People have the opportunity to submit a comment until October 22, 2021. The Community Rating System (CRS) dates back to 1990 when FEMA wanted to encourage communities to improve floodplain […]
September 29, 2021
how hurricanes affect the oil companies in the gulf coast

How Hurricanes Affect Oil, Gas and Energy Production in the Gulf of Mexico

When a hurricane makes landfall in Florida the media generally focuses, and rightly so, on the human toll. People lose homes, businesses and in some cases even loved ones and neighbors. The human tragedies that follow in the wake of devastating Florida hurricanes aren’t the only repercussions of these vicious storms. There are also […]
September 29, 2021

How the 2021 Hurricane Season has Affected Florida So Far

We’re entering the last couple months of the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Florida has fared relatively well so far. As of September 22, the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season has generated: Three major hurricanes (category 3 or greater) Six hurricanes 17 named storms Only two tropical storms have made landfall in Florida in 2021. Tropical […]
September 22, 2021
why are hurricane names retired

Why Are Hurricane Names Retired?

September 22, 2021
hurricane roof damage

Should You Replace or Repair Your Roof After Damage?

There are a handful of factors that should likely guide your decision making on roof repair versus roof replacement: The severity of the roof damage Whether the damage is causing leaks The age of your home’s roof How much replacement costs How long repairs will last Whether your insurance will cover replacement or just […]
September 22, 2021
personal property and home content claims

Personal Property and Home Content Claim Tips

When people think of claim denials or claim underpayments, they’re often thinking of big-ticket home repairs like replacing roofs, garage doors, flooring and windows. What’s less frequently discussed are the many little things that can also be destroyed in hurricanes, home fires, plumbing leaks or other disasters that befall your Florida home. Hurricanes can […]
September 22, 2021
hurricane deductibles

What Are Hurricane Deductibles?

The creation and widespread adoption of hurricane deductibles in coastal areas was largely driven by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. These deductibles weren’t just the homeowners insurance companies’ idea. Although the company that holds your homeowners insurance policy may be the easiest target for your ire, their hands were somewhat […]
September 22, 2021
wind rated garage - hurricane safe

What Are Wind-Rated Garage Doors and Do I Need One?

Garage doors sold and installed in Florida are required to meet certain standards of wind resistance. There was even a time when garage doors had to be reinforced with special beams and supports whenever an area was under a hurricane watch. If you have a newer garage door that’s designed for wind resistance you […]
July 23, 2021
flood damage post hurricane

How Long Does It Take for Mold to Grow After Water Damage?

In Florida during hurricane season mold and mildew can begin developing in as little as 24 to 48 hours after water damage. The water damage doesn’t necessarily have to be from storm surge or wind-driven rain from a hurricane. The benefit of storm-related water damage is it’s obviousness. Other types of water damage can […]