Hurricane Ian
Property Damage

Hurricane Ian Property Damage Claims Can Be Difficult

Kanner & Pintaluga Is Here to Help With the Insurance Company

Hurricanes represent a confluence of factors that can negatively impact the way insurance companies treat policyholders.

  • Hurricanes are massively expensive losses for insurance companies. Insurers are forced to pay out outrageous sums of money on claims to Florida homeowners, especially after a Category 4 hurricane like Ian. They have an incentive to find ways to minimize or deny claims to lessen the financial blow.
  • Insurance companies are inundated with potentially hundreds of thousands of claims and supplemental claims, which necessitates hiring inexperienced independent adjusters and temps.
  • Overwhelmed adjusters working too many hours can make mistakes, leading to delays, underpayment or unfair claim denials.

If you believe your Hurricane Ian claim is being treated unfairly, the team of property damage lawyers at Kanner & Pintaluga is here to help. We aggressively advocate on behalf of policyholders to ensure they aren’t forced to pay out of pocket for damages that should be covered by their home insurance policies.

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